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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Happy New Year!

Well it is hard to believe that another year has passed. Every year I say I am going to post more to my blog and then life just gets in my way. Well it is 2017 and I am going to give it another try. Not that anyone ever comes to visit my blog.
So I did manage to complete a few things just prior to the end of 2016. I stitched an ornament for my grandson Hayden. It was a lovely free pattern from The Snowflake Diaries. It turned out rather well. I stitched his name and the year on the front and my initials on the back. I also made a beaded ornament and then mounted it on silk for my girlfriend. Lastly I lost a stitching friend last year and managed to acquire one of the pieces of stitchery she started. It was actually 75% done so I finished the ribbon embroidery .... not my thing at all. I added the beads my friends initials, my initials and then another row of whitework so it would fit in the frame better. I gifted the finished piece to my son's girlfriend who knew my friend as she was best friends with her grandmother.
So hopefully I can be organized enough to post once or twice a month. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe: Favorite things give-away! Enter Now!!

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe: Favorite things give-away! Enter Now!!: As promised.....lets have another Favorite Things give-away!!! Those seem to be the "favorite" tell me your fav...


"Circles commonly represent unity, wholeness, and infinity. Without beginning or end, without sides or corners, the circle is also associated with the number one.
In some cases, there is a distinction between that which is contained within the circle and that which lies without."
I have always been drawn to certain shapes. The two that really stand out for me are the circle and the hexagon. Recently I started exploring the circle in a stitched form. I was very inspired by embroiderer Chris Richards as she includes the circle shape in many of her embroideries. 
I drew a circle on muslin and then drew various sized circles inside. Some I marked off with little dots as I knew I wanted to create some spokes and needleweaving. I am posting a photo of my progress so far. I chose a very muted palette but can see more vibrant colours would be just as welcome. I will continue to experiment with the circle in a more three d format as I can see the addition of pockets, puffs, and holes would take the shape to another level. :) 


Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe: NEW PRIMITIVE FLOSS SET, GIFT BOXED, GIVE-AWAY, EN...: I picked 12 of the new Primitive colors and put together a gift box. Lets give one away! Drawing to be October 7th, lots of time to ent...

Monday, February 16, 2015

I've been really enjoying taking Karen Ruane's online course and have been playing with some ledger work. See photos. This shows I am very regimental and it is hard for me to be free in my design process. This is why I tend to lean to counted thread projects. I like the free form style of embroidery as well .... I just don't seem to be able to shake my tendencies towards symmetry and order. Guess I will just have to work on this. I have restarted reading The Artists Way by Julia Cameron so maybe it will help. I bought two children's books a few weeks ago. I was in search of The Princess and the Pea .... alas no luck but I did come home with Alice in Wonderland and The Secret Garden. Children's books always stir my imagination .... something that seems stinted now that I am an adult. I've managed about 3/4 of Alice so far and never realized how silly the book really is. Parts of it I really like and others not so much. I am also about half way through The White Princess. Phillipa Gregory's writing style appeals to my taste and of course anything Tudor-like I find enjoyable.
The Northwest Sampler Guild offered up a challenge this year .... we could purchase packets of silk for $5 and stitch whatever we wanted. The only stipulation was all threads had to be used somewhere on the piece. I chose a Prairie Schooler bookmark pattern. I added my own handmade buttons to the center of the flowers and used Nun stitch the edge. I used all Gloriana threads introducing a few different colours in addition to those received and was rather pleased with the result. See photos.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A New Year 2015

Well I see allot has happened since my last post. My dearest friend lost her son to brain cancer. What a great loss. He was a real trooper right up until the end. I can't even imagine losing one of my children .... even though they are all grown and flown so to speak. I have included a photo of Scott and me just after his first surgery. <3 p="">I am on a bit of a creative journey these days. Enjoying the online class of Karen Ruane. She is such a wonderful inspiration and mentor. I go to bed every night with a million ideas dancing in my head and awake the same way. I look forward to making notes, sketching and experimenting with my stitching. You can check her blog here
I have included two of my ledger pages from her class.
I am busy preparing to teach my Button class in April. Not sure if anyone will sign up but I am having fun experimenting. Here are some of my singleton buttons for display.
 I am also trying to finish a challenge for the Northwest Sampler Guild in time for their yearly tea. I won't be attending but I can still participate. Participants received beautiful Gloriana silk threads and ribbon in very sizes and types and then have to stitch something with them. I chose a bookmark and will include some of my buttons on it. Photo to come upon it's completion.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Well I feel Spring is finally here. In celebration I have donned my cheery striped socks. I received these from my sister Lynne. I think they just fit the bright mood the warmer weather has brought. The last few weeks I have been pretty busy with  .... work, gardening, stitching and some stressful health issues affecting friends and family. I received this gorgeous bouquet from my best friend. I visited with her and her son when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I am happy to say the tumor is cancer free and we are praying it will not continue to grow.
My rhubarb is doing very well .... I am looking forward to eating some this year. I also planted my herb wheel  ..... so I am hoping the deer leave some for me.
We received our chicks yesterday! 24 of 26 survived the journey. They are a nice mix of heritage breeds, including Americanas, Buff Orpingtons, Black Australorps and a few others I am not 100% able to identify. You don't get to choose the combination .... so I guess we shall see. You also receive them un-sexed so I am really hoping we have mostly hens.
I still have not had a chance to sew together the crazy quilt pears I cut out ...... but as you can see from the new photo the project has mushroomed. My friends have been giving me their scraps and I now have 19 pears cut out. I think today maybe the day I sew a few together...... I am just dying to embellish them. I also started a new sampler .... "Boris" by Plum Street. He is such a cute little dog I am enjoying stitching him. "Olga" and "Sergei" are kitted and waiting for their turn. :)
I have also included a photo of some of my female relatives. I want to make a crazy quilt incorporating their photos. I have been so inspired by all the beautiful photos online and can't wait to get started! Till next time ....